Grayson & Co.’s commitment to pro bono work is a core value of the firm. We help clients and non-profit organizations in need, changing lives and altering the course of their journey.

Our cultural tenants of grit, intellectual curiosity, and grace support innovative projects for those less fortunate. We are honored to support the following organizations on a pro bono basis.


Impact Missions is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with a mission to provide clean water, health care, and education to the rural community of Ukum, Nigeria. In the village of Ukum in Benue State, most people are subsistence farmers. Literacy rates are very low, and more than 25 percent of children have lost one or both of their parents. Through its core values of: every life is worthy; every person deserves to live; and faithful stewardship of resources, Impact Missions makes an impact in the lives of those who are in need. To learn more, visit